Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hair Disaster Update

Ok so trying to salvage Sienna's hair failed. We cut it all off. Now it's incredibly short and I try really hard not to cry every time I look at her. Of course, she's still adorable. She just doesn't look like my Sienna any more. It'll take some getting used to...

Monday, May 18, 2009

My little beautician

This is her before she got any bright ideas. Apparently this is the best one I have of her with her hair down.

Let me start off by saying how pretty Sienna's hair is. It's thick, unlike mine, and has all these natural highlights. We cut it last year because she wanted short hair like her friend, and we all hated it and agreed never again.
Until today
Apparently, Sienna needed a change.
So while I'm downstairs changing Carson she's upstairs with her little purple safety scissors that she has promised me a thousand times she will only use to cut PAPER, cutting her bangs off. And giving herself a mullet. She cut the front of her her hair on both sides. Lovely, just lovely.

Then she comes down to show me her handywork, and I start to freak out. Although I think I handled it very well - there was no screaming, no crying. I did throw away the scissors though. Then we raced around trying to find a salon who had an opening in the next five minutes because school started in 45. The girl that fixed it did a great job, because I thought we were going to have to hack everything off and she'd have a horrible pixie cut for the next year. After that we raced home - where I was locked out of the house and had to climb in through a second story window that I had thankfully left open.
Small side-story: We had gone camping and left my key with the neighbor so he could take care of our cats. We got home last night exhausted and went to bed, because I didn't think I would need my key - hey, I wasn't going anywhere today. Right. So after we race home from the salon and find the door locked, I took Sienna to school with no lunch and no backpack, giving her the muffins I had taken for Carson to snack on. I'm a wonderful mother. Then we came back home, Carson luckily sleeping in the car, and I stacked up all our lawn chairs and climbed on them - in platform flipflops (!!!) to reach the window and knock out the screen. If you know me, you realize how incredibly dangerous this is, because I am a complete and total klutz and can barely walk in platforms, let alone climb lawn chairs and then scale houses, which I did next, to hoist myself in through the window. After that, I triumphantly unlocked the door and rescued Carson from the hot car. Now he's sleeping peacefully in his firetruck bed, unaware of the many disasters befalling us today, and Sienna is safe at school, hopefully away from the scissors, and I am here, realizing that one day this is going to be hilarious. But not today.
Did I mention that somewhere in all of that I ran out of gas and had to coast to the gas station?Check out Sienna's before and after pics...

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