Monday, November 9, 2009

Calista Jolie

My sweet little Halloween Angel, Calista Jolie (Jolie for my mom, JoAnn, and Blair's mom, Julie)

6 pounds 10 ounces

19 inches long

Sweet as can be, but she's definately got Blair's (or my, depending on who you ask) temper.

Labor Fun

Meet our little Halloween surprise! She, of course, came the ONE day of the month I told her not to. When I went into labor at 1 am, I knew for sure she was a boy. Only a boy would be so disobedient ;) Also, when I went into labor at 1 am, I was positive I wasn't in labor. Partly because the previous Sunday I was sure I was in labor all day long, waiting for my blasted contractions to get closer than 10 min apart, clear up until they just stopped. And I was thinking if I refused to admit I was in labor, I wouldn't be. I'm very strong willed...sometimes. At 3 am when they were 3 min apart, Blair FORCED me to call my mom. She came and we left, and for the 20 minute ride to the hospital, I had zero contractions. They stopped again. Furious, I paced the hospital parking lot trying to figure out if I should go inside or go home.

We finally decided to go in and ask them what I should do.

Labor and Delivery is on the 4th floor. I hate elevators, even more when I'm in labor, so we took the stairs, and on the way up my contractions started again at 3 min, but they weren't very painful - nothing compared to when I had Sienna, so I was still convinced I wasn't in labor. We got to the 4th floor...and the door was locked. So we hiked all the way back down and took the dumb elevator.

They admitted me, even though I explained to them that yes, this was my 3rd child but I had no idea if I was in labor or not. I'm sure they were all impressed with my intellegence. They checked and I was dialated to a 6, so I had to stay. About an hour later, around 6 am, I asked for an epidural because I was attached to the bed and I don't like pain. Twenty minutes later I told my nurse it was too strong, because I couldn't feel my contractions at all. She smiled and patted my shoulder and said it was because I wasn't having any.

So they started me on Pitocin and Blair and I watched the championship dog show (there isn't much on at 5 in the morning), and I silently stewed that I was having a baby on Halloween who didn't even want to be born on Halloween, obviously. But an hour later, I told the nurse, "I can't feel anything, but I think I need to push." Call it maternal instinct. She humored me and checked, saying something about how I hadn't had any contractions so I couldn't possibly, and then gasped, because my baby was right there ready to be born. She called my doctor, but I couldn't deliver until 9:09 so that I got all the antibiotics I was supposed to. It was 7:30. My doctor told me to cross my legs for an hour and a half. I think she was kidding. At 9:14 they broke my water, and 3 pushes and about 45 seconds later Calista was born - with the cord wrapped around her neck twice. They told me later they knew she was in trouble because her heart rate kept dropping. I can't figure out why we didn't do something about that, but she was okay when she was born, just really pissed off. So I guess it all worked out.
She's been an angel so far. I even get to sleep for about 3 hours at a stretch at night - something Sienna and Carson don't even let me do. And she's beautiful, if I do say so myself! :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Our Summer Vacation

I haven't posted for a while, but it hasn't been because I'm lazy, I promise! I just couldn't think of anything at all to say. But I finally did, so here ya go!

My future NFL kicker

This summer was actually pretty busy. We went camping a lot - so glad we've got our 5th wheel with a bathroom or I wouldn't be such a good little camper. My kids, on the other hand, could live outside and be perfectly happy. Maybe happier than they are to live in a house. Not sure how that happened...weird little things.

We went to Zion with my parents and sister's family - and had GORGEOUS weather. I was stressed because Zion is supposed to be hot. I hate heat. Not a summer person at all. But the whole time we were there it was like 70 degrees.
Blair jumping the ditch after I told him he couldn't

Then we had my niece and nephew stay with us for 3 weeks. The kids loved that. I realized that having a house full of kids is really hard and I have so much more respect for people with more than 2 kids...and I'm slightly terrified for when I have more than 2 kids. But we had a lot of fun.

The kids baffled by a tepee at Fort Buenaventure

Then Sienna left for over a month and I won't lie and say I was tough and made it through. I cried almost every night for 2 weeks until I'm sure Blair was wondering what the heck he'd gotten himself into. It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. That's not to say that we did nothing while Sienna was gone. I tried to keep Carson busy so that he wouldn't miss her too much, so we went to the fair and playgroup and to Blair's aunt's cabin.
At the cabin
HOWEVER, I did make it through, and she came home, and we hurried to do lots of fun things before she had to go back to school, and before I got too huge to be any fun (That's about where I'm at now, btw).
The day we picked Sienna up to bring her home!!!

Now things are settled down for a minute before we have the baby. Only 4 more weeks - Thank goodness! This will definitely be our last. I'm not a good pregnant person at all!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hair Disaster Update

Ok so trying to salvage Sienna's hair failed. We cut it all off. Now it's incredibly short and I try really hard not to cry every time I look at her. Of course, she's still adorable. She just doesn't look like my Sienna any more. It'll take some getting used to...

Monday, May 18, 2009

My little beautician

This is her before she got any bright ideas. Apparently this is the best one I have of her with her hair down.

Let me start off by saying how pretty Sienna's hair is. It's thick, unlike mine, and has all these natural highlights. We cut it last year because she wanted short hair like her friend, and we all hated it and agreed never again.
Until today
Apparently, Sienna needed a change.
So while I'm downstairs changing Carson she's upstairs with her little purple safety scissors that she has promised me a thousand times she will only use to cut PAPER, cutting her bangs off. And giving herself a mullet. She cut the front of her her hair on both sides. Lovely, just lovely.

Then she comes down to show me her handywork, and I start to freak out. Although I think I handled it very well - there was no screaming, no crying. I did throw away the scissors though. Then we raced around trying to find a salon who had an opening in the next five minutes because school started in 45. The girl that fixed it did a great job, because I thought we were going to have to hack everything off and she'd have a horrible pixie cut for the next year. After that we raced home - where I was locked out of the house and had to climb in through a second story window that I had thankfully left open.
Small side-story: We had gone camping and left my key with the neighbor so he could take care of our cats. We got home last night exhausted and went to bed, because I didn't think I would need my key - hey, I wasn't going anywhere today. Right. So after we race home from the salon and find the door locked, I took Sienna to school with no lunch and no backpack, giving her the muffins I had taken for Carson to snack on. I'm a wonderful mother. Then we came back home, Carson luckily sleeping in the car, and I stacked up all our lawn chairs and climbed on them - in platform flipflops (!!!) to reach the window and knock out the screen. If you know me, you realize how incredibly dangerous this is, because I am a complete and total klutz and can barely walk in platforms, let alone climb lawn chairs and then scale houses, which I did next, to hoist myself in through the window. After that, I triumphantly unlocked the door and rescued Carson from the hot car. Now he's sleeping peacefully in his firetruck bed, unaware of the many disasters befalling us today, and Sienna is safe at school, hopefully away from the scissors, and I am here, realizing that one day this is going to be hilarious. But not today.
Did I mention that somewhere in all of that I ran out of gas and had to coast to the gas station?Check out Sienna's before and after pics...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm Pregnant!

Sooo if you know me well, you know we were very done having kids. I have Carson and Sienna, a boy and a girl, and that was good...or so I thought.
A few months ago I started getting sick. Really sick and really tired. But it was flu season! And all the other symptoms were so similar to my fibromyalgia (yeah, I have the disease but I can't spell it. Sorry) that I just thought I was having a major flare-up. I was very, very wrong.
I finally went in to the doctor to find out what was wrong with me and discovered that my trusty method of birth control was MIA. In it's place is a baby. (!!!) When my doc realized I was about to die from shock, she joked that it would be funny if it was twins (soooo not) and then when she realized she was sending us into a panic she checked to make sure there weren't twins. There wasn't. Thank goodness! She also measured the baby and thinks I'm about 10-12 weeks along, so I'm due sometime in the middle to end of October.
A Halloween baby! My favorite holiday!
So now I'm trying to come to terms with the fact that I am having another baby. A third child. I'm not sure how I'll handle that. I'm not one of those mothers whose kids are in clean little pinafores with bows in their perfectly done hair. However, once the news sank in, I realized that I'm actually glad this happened. Now if I can just survive it...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My cute kids

Gotta love Kiddie Kandids, but I can only give them so much credit. The rest belongs to my kids, who are, obviously, the cutest on the planet! Dang I'm good ;)

Saturday, March 14, 2009


So, this is my first attempt at blogging EVER. So sorry if I suck. I figured it's a great idea to start by telling you about my family. I'm Wendy, and I'm 28 and about to be unemployed for the first time in a looooong time. Basically I've had a job since I was 12, with short breaks here and there. So you understand my nervousness. But I digress. My husband is Blair. He's the most amazing guy ever. Sorry, I know a lot of you think you've got the best, but you don't. You would realize this is ever you met Blair. :) I might be biased, but I don't think so. He's an electrician, but he can do anything, from fixing my hair-color disasters to rebuilding our whole house. Plus, he's brilliant. Again, I'm getting side-tracked.
We've got two adorable kids. Sienna (aka Sisi) is six and the easiest kid on the planet. I think she's perfect, a little quirky, with an imagination the size of Alaska. I know that cuz we lived there when she was a baby. Her babysitter told me that she feels like she should pay me for Sienna to come there, because Sisi starts some whole imaginary game and gets everyone involved. I worried when we had Carson because Sienna had been an only child for so long, but she's the best big sister. She's very caring and always shares, even Carson won't. And she's beautiful. I'm terrified for when she's older and discovers boys.
Carson is 2. He's a handful. Where Sisi is easygoing and laid back, Carson is full force everything, and he's got a temper, and he's brilliant. He's also adorable and he's got these massive eyes that make little old ladies in the grocery store follow us around begging to hold him. Little do they know...On the other hand though, he's sweet and polite and very cuddly. If he's not tired, and not sick, then he's a model baby. Unfortunately, he's been sick a lot in his short little life. BUT things will get better!
We've also got a big german shepherd named Sheba that sheds a lot and likes to talk, and two accident prone cats who can't decide if they're indoor or outdoor felines.
So that's us. And my first blog post.

Things to Ponder