Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tomorrow, this will be hilarious...

I am having a bad day. It started as soon as I rolled out of bed this morning (or sooner, if you count all the times I got up with my little Rocky through the night). Luckily for me, this is the kind of bad day that is funny...later.

I came upstairs and had to yell at Carson as soon as I set Rocky down because he wasn' happy to see her. Then I went to make breakfast and while I was there, little Rocky wandered into the bathroom that one of my kids (they refuse to tell me who) had just used and left the seat up. And forgotten to flush. So I hear splashing and went running in and well, it was gross. We'll leave it at that.

I sat the kids down for breakfast and started doing Sisi's hair. I thought we had plenty of time but I glanced up at the clock when I was about 3/4 done and saw that it wasn't 7:30. It was 8:00. And the bus comes at 8:04. Of course, I freaked out, so Sisi freaked out and shoved her breakfast in as she ran to get dressed with her hair mostly done. And while I'm racing to get her socks, Rocky climbs up on the table and dumps our whole bowl of elastics all over, and threw some in Sisi's juice for good measure. I come up the stairs, see her on the table, see the mess, and throw the socks in Sisi's general direction while swooping Rocky off the table and to the sink where I wash juice off her hands (it's sticky. We hate sticky) And then while Sisi's getting her shoes on I tried to scoop up all the elastics so Rocky won't put them in her mouth, because she puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. (hence her nickname. Rocky)

Then I threw them in Sisi's juice.


Sisi went flying out the door, and the bus was 15 minutes late.
And then I went to take a shower. I lock Rocky in the bathroom with me so she doesn't try to throw herself off the table or down the stairs. And I heard her unrolling the toilet paper, but she stopped when I told her to. A few seconds later, she waddled over and threw an entire roll of unraveled toilet paper into the shower with me.

And while I was cleaning that up (not fun), she smeared chocolate all over my white chair.
And then at a school tour, the woman who was supposed to be taking me on the tour was accosted by several bleeding children and I finally had to leave.

BECAUSE the internet installation guy was supposed to be here at 2. Blair, bless his heart, didn't want me to have to deal with installation guys and kids all by myself so he got off work early and came home.

The Installation guy showed up at 4:20 and didn't leave until 6. Around 5:30, his friend shows up at our house, comes in, makes himself at home in our office, and they just hang out.
And then Carson's preschool teacher changed his preschool party to Monday. At the EXACT same time as Sisi's party. Now, I'm pretty good, but not that good. Even I can't be in two places at once.

On top of that, a good friend also had a horrible day. But hers probably won't be funny tomorrow.

Now it's 6 pm and I'm wondering what the rest of the day has in store for me. Hopefully, we'll make it til tomorrow so I can laugh about it.

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Blythe said...

Atleast we had cakeballs! Whenever either of us had bad days I think that should always be the answer :-)

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