Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pepsi Problem!

If you've met me, I probably had a pepsi in my hand. Or at least very nearby.
I know I have a huge addiction to pepsi. I think I've had it since I was about oh....two or three. Luckily, Blair works at the pepsi plant by our house so we get to feed my addiction for very cheap. Otherwise, this could be a huge problem. But it isn't, because he does. So you're wondering what my problem is?
Pepsi started bottling 16 oz. cans as well as 12 oz. cans. So Blair, in an attempt to save my...I'm not sure what Pepsi ruins...but he was attempting to save it by hoping he trick me into drinking less Pepsi by giving me the 16 oz cans instead. Or maybe he was just trying to lessen my impact on the environment, although I do recycle, always. I don't know, but I started drinking the 16 oz cans instead, and now I can't sleep.
The weird thing is, I used to drink two or even three 12 oz. Pepsis a day (sorry, I"m not sure what the plural for Pepsi is. Pepsie? Pepsees?). The caffeine never bothered me. I could fall asleep in the instant of quiet it took for my kids to gasp for a breath during sentences. And now, because of these 16 oz cans, I cannot sleep.
What in the world???
Blair swears it is the exact same formula they use in the 12 oz can. So I can't figure it out but I have a theory. Inside those 16 oz cans is some sort of superboost. It's a huge conspiracy, one my husband may or may not be a part of.
That is my theory. Any others???

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